Who is EEP?

European Educative Projects Ltd (EEP) has been established in 2003 and is based on a long-lasting experience within Europe. EEP co-operates with national and European Educational institutes, especially in the sector of vocational education.

The experience of EEP helps educational institutes to prepare and to submit their educational proposal in the frame of national and European calls for proposal from different origins.

Employed originally since 1994 at Stoas in the section of Project Development, EEP has now started to initiate and to develop educational innovations by itself.

The co-operation with partners and within networks in The Netherlands and in Europe assure that projects are being carried out careful and the results will be spread to a great number of interested organisations within Europe.

EEP co-ordinates and takes care for administrative advice when projects have started. Because of the long experience with execution of European projects there is a lot of legal, financial and administrative know how.

Relations or co-operation in current projects has been developed with:

The Netherlands

  • Stichting Enviro-Net (eesv) in Den Bosch
  • Universities and Polytechnics (o.a. Stoas Hogeschool, Den Bosch; Hogeschool InHolland, Delft; Hogeschool voor Toerisme – INHTV – in Breda)
  • Agricultural Vocational Education (AOC’s and Council of AOC’s )
  • ROC’s (e.g. Koning Willem I College-Den Bosch; ROC Mondriaan Onderwijsgroep – Den Haag; ROC Landstede – Zwolle)


  • Belgium Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen, Sint Niklaas; Vlaams Ministerie van Onderwijs, Brussel
  • Bulgaria Society for Spread of Knowledge “Missal”; Veliko Turnovo
  • Cyprus TRISYS Ltd, Nicosia
  • Czech Republic Agropro Agency; University of Prague
  • Spain Confederacion Espanola de Centros de Ensenanza (CECE)
  • France ACTA, Paris; ACCP (Chambre de Commerce), Paris;
  • Greece KEK Kronos; University of Athens (TEI)
  • Italy ITS Pietro Scalcerle; Padova
  • Romania University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj Napoca
  • United Kingdom Lewisham College; New College of Nottingham; WTA Education Services, Royston, Hertfordshire
  • Schotland University of Glasgow; Edinburgh University Settlement,
  • Etc.


Jagersweg 23
5262 TM Vught
The Netherlands
Tel. 073 – 65 72 565

E-mail: jpa@planet.nl
kvk nr.: 17154212
btw nr.: 8118.17.982
rabo: 1445.35.777

director: Jos Paulusse
assistant: Tanja Paulusse

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